Online Education Platform.
Embrace Study anytime and anywhere.

CODEMY provides equal educational opportunities for everyone. If you want to learn at any time, you can participate in learning.

White Paper

CODEMY provides a certain amount of support for learning and provides fair compensation to teachers. You need to create a wallet for coin trading.

64 . 1 %

Percentage of discontinued education due to economic and household environmental problems.

Level of Satisfaction with Educational Attainment & Reasons for Dissatisfaction
(More than 13years old)

84 . 7 %

Copyright infringement related to law enforcement rate per year.

Judicial case: 15,691 cases
(Exception of prohibition of prosecution)
Corrective recommendation : 447,492 cases

141 . 6 %

In Korean, Who wanted to participate in learning activities of education compared to OECD.

Survey results of 25-64-year-old Koreans
(Republic of Korea)

Codemy is a Learning support service platform using Blockchain.

You can participate in learning at anytime, anywhere, and share knowledge with others around the world.


Transparently show the process and results of what you have learned


We offer educational opportunities regardless of class time and place


Gain the opportunity to share knowledge by setting up classes for all users


Schools can view the records of safely preserved learners transparently

Target market

Developing Countries

Services for developing countries with low educational infrastructure

Europe and Asia

Expansion of services centered in Europe and Asia where the demand for e-learning is high

North America

Expansion of services to North America including the United States and Canada

Coin Name COD
Target Global
Platform Lite coin
Total Issue 5 Billion

* This plan may change at anytime by the company's policy.

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